Indiana HouseMoments ago, the Indiana House of Representatives passed an amended version of House Joint Resolution 3 on a vote of 57 to 40.  It now goes to the Senate for consideration.  Should it pass the Senate, voters will be asked to add a “one man, one woman”  definition of marriage to the Indiana constitution.  Since the amendment’s language has been changed, this likely pushes back the time when this could be on the public ballot from November 2014 to November,  2016.
While we’re disappointed with this passage, we’re still pleased with yesterday’s vote that removed the second sentence that would have likely restricted all rights for same-sex couples, including domestic partnerships or civil unions.  It is possible that the Senate may add this language back in when they pick up the resolution and we must remain vigilant  to ensure that does not happen.
HRC is a proud member of Freedom Indiana, the bipartisan campaign working to defeat the resolution.  The field and lobbying teams of Freedom Indiana will now enhance the focus on the members of the Indiana Senate, working to further educate them on the need to keep the second sentence out and defeat the resolution outright.  As part of the campaign, HRC is encouraging all of our members and supporters in Indiana to get involved with phone banks, canvasses and town halls and to contact their senator.
With only a few opportunities remaining to impact the resolution, we must not let up the pressure. The momentum is on our side.

Indiana State House

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