Earlier today legislative leaders from both the Senate and House announced that they will not move forward a bill this year that would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would deny any recognition of gay and lesbian couples and their families.  There remains the possibility that this could still come up in 2014, however.
By tabling the discussion for this year, Indiana legislators recognize that this divisive issue takes away from other important issues facing Hoosier families.
Many leading Indiana employers, including Eli Lilly, have publicly stated their opposition to the amendment. 

An Eli Lilly spokesperson recently stated, "We just believe that in order to attract the best and the brightest, we can't have this kind of legislation."
Earlier this year a WISH-TV Ball State Hoosier Survey showed 54 percent of Hoosier voters oppose the amendment while only 38 percent supported it.
Supporters of equality are thankful for today’s decision by Indiana leaders.  HRC is proud of our partnership with Indiana Equality and their efforts to defeat any attempt to discriminate against  Indiana’s gay and lesbian families.




Photo: HRC’s Lynne Bowman and Marty Rouse at  Indiana state house.

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