Pocatello IdahoLate last night a recount affirmed that Pocatello, Idaho voters did indeed vote to keep their city's non-discrimination ordinance.  The vote was close however, with fairness winning by only 56 votes. 

This vote is just one of many close elections that prove the importance of voting. 

With many important elections coming up later this year, the power of your vote is only felt if you choose to use it.  

Pocatello, IdahoPlease make sure you are registered to vote and urge your family and friends to register as well.  And, of course, please vote in primary and general elections this year, and always.

We can not complain about our elected officials if we do not vote to hold them accountable or thank them for their support with our votes.

Pocatello, Idaho Let Pocatello's close vote motivate you.  

HRC was a proud supporter of the Fair Pocatello campaign and provided financial contributions, phone bank kits, and polling to ensure all residents knew the stakes of the election. HRC congratulates Idaho for this victory and encourages all residents to continue voting in future elections to achieve full equality for LGBT citizens.   

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