Ben Monterroso Mi Familia VotaLabor, sacrifice and justice are all part of the foundation of this country. They also play a huge role in the stories of so many of the immigrants who have come to America to seek a better life for themselves and their families.

Ben Monterroso, the executive director of Mi Familia Vota, wrote about labor, sacrifice and justice in a call for comprehensive immigration reform in a recent Op/Ed for the Houston Chronicle.

“Inclusive and comprehensive immigration reform captures these values and enshrines them in law,” he wrote. “It recognizes the hard work of the millions of immigrants who have come to America seeking a better life and it does justice by requiring undocumented people to come out of the shadows and pay their dues in order to access a pathway to citizenship.”

Monterroso calls comprehensive immigration reform a “once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

“We must seize it as a nation. I know this in my heart because I have felt the pain of inaction. Our country deserves better than injustice,” he wrote.

Read his full Op/Ed in the Houston Chronicle.

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