Blog post submitted by Lynne Bowman, HRC Regional Director

After months of preparation, the Illinois legislature is poised to take their final vote on marriage equality at some point this week. While we still don’t have any word on when the vote may happen, everything is pointing towards sooner rather than later. I’m excited to be in the state capitol with our partners in the Illinois Unites for Marriage campaign as we do the final leg work necessary for a successful outcome.  Even with the rain coming down outside today, there’s a feeling of optimism and hope in the air inside.

Back in the targeted districts, field organizers continue to facilitate calls into representatives’ offices and individuals from representatives’ hometowns continue to reach out to share how important the freedom to marry is to them and their family.  We have laid the groundwork for a success in the House of Representatives this week.  Now we wait on pins and needles to see which column the lawmakers will end up in; the right side of history or not.

This will be an exciting couple of days as we continue to fight for another state to recognize and hon the relationships of all couples.

HRC Regional Director Lynne Bowman walks through the rain to the Illinois Capitol in Springfield with coalition partners Richard Carlbom for Freedom to Marry and Tyler Deaton of American Unity Fund.

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