Illinois flagThis week the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously passed a bill that will ensure that transgender people are respected after death. The bill has already passed the House.

H.B. 3552 would amend the Disposition of Remains Act to allow transgender people to provide written directions to the person responsible for carrying out the decedent’s funeral and disposition of remains, which ensure that the decedent’s identity is respected. Specifically, the directions may include instructions pertaining to appearance, chosen name, and gender pronouns.

“Many transgender people face rejection by or isolation from their next of kin, or they fear stigmatization due to their gender identity or expression,” HRC Senior Legislative Counsel Alison Gill submitted in her testimony. “Some transgender people do not reveal their transgender status due to concerns about discrimination, harassment, and violence. This measure, through a simple legal change, will provide solace to transgender people facing end of life, in that it will ensure that their names and genders are respected after death.”

HRC urges the Illinois Senate to pass this vital bill.

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