Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

The impact of Russia’s anti-LGBT “propaganda” law continues to reverberate throughout the world. Not only is it affecting the Russian LGBT community, which is suffering from the increase in hate-based violence, but also the companies and corporations that conduct business in the country.  

This week the Swedish furniture retailer Ikea, under the advice of its legal experts, censored an ad in the December edition of its club magazine.

The catalogue that ran in 25 markets worldwide included an article about a lesbian couple and their child living in London. Ikea spokesperson Ylva Magnusson told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the company pulled the article for the Russian market because of “restrictions regarding promoting homosexual relationships.”

Click here to see the ad in its entirety. 

Russia’s anti-LGBT laws are homogenizing the media portrayal of real-life families in Russia, and pressure businesses and corporations to follow suit.

People around the world are speaking out on social media against Russia’s heinous anti-LGBT laws. Stand with us at

HRC will harness the energy of our members and supporters, and all fair-minded Americans, to bring justice to Russia’s LGBT community. Learn more at 

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