minnesotans united for all familiesPost submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

Advocating for the religious freedom to have the marriage ceremonies they officiate be recognized by the state of Minnesota, 340 clergy and religious leaders have signed onto a powerful statement calling for the legislature to act and bring marriage equality to the North Star State this year.
Following on the heels of Minnesotans United’s massive faith rally where over 100 clergy and 2,000 marriage supporters filled the rotunda of the Minnesota state capitol, the impressive list shows leaders from a broad array of denominations and faiths. Calling for equal treatment of same-sex couples they say:
“We know that some people of faith, even within our own traditions, hold different views on this issue. That is why we affirm that religious groups should be free to choose for themselves which unions to bless or recognize as marriage. The state should neither require religious groups to perform marriages they deem contrary to their teachings nor prohibit them from celebrating marriages they see fit to bless.”
The list exemplifies how Minnesotans believe that marriage is a unique promise of love, commitment, responsibility and fidelity that two people share. That they believe in treating others the way we would want to be treated, and none of us would want to told that it is illegal to marry the person we love.  We’ll continue bringing that message to lawmakers here on the ground, making sure all of our supporters make their voices heard at the capitol in St. Paul.

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