Post submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

In a series of emotional vigils organized across the state yesterday, Oregonians came together to mark the historic oral arguments challenging the current ban on marriage equality in the state. 

We stand at a pivotal moment following a year of incredible progress. TheOregon United for Marriage campaign has collected over 160,000 signatures to put a repeal on the ballot, igniting conversations across the state that pushed public approval of same-sex marriage to an historic high of 55 percent. 

Adding to the excitement is that Oregon's attorney general has said she will not defend the ban in court, adding that should the judge rule it unconstitutional the state will be ready to implement the decision immediately. In light of this incredible possibility, as well as the possibility of a ruling that is not as broad, the campaign continues to keep the petition signatures on hand in order to go to the ballot if we need to.

This progress hasn't stopped the anti-LGBT forces at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) from making a desperate last minute ploy in an attempt to delay the process. Despite their local allies admitting they have no standing to appeal, NOM asked the presiding judge to both delay oral arguments as well as allow them to intervene to defend the ban. The judge quickly denied their request to delay and will here their argument to intervene on May 14, which means we will likely not have a ruling on the case itself until after then.

Stay tuned to to stay updated on this case and the campaign. 

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