Post submitted by Sharon Groves, HRC Director, Religion and Faith Program

HRC Foundation was deeply privileged to be able to take part in PFLAG’s National Conference this year.  PFLAG has been a pioneer in building family acceptance throughout the country.  Their work on the ground in locations like Omaha, Nebraska and San Antonio, Texas has not only been a life line for LGBT families, but it has paved the way for much of our own programmatic work here at HRC. We were thrilled to share with them this past weekend the findings from our LGBT youth report  and A La Familia work in Latin@ communities.

A La Familia National Coordinator Lisbeth Melendez Rivera has worked closely with PFLAG for over 20 years and was privileged to present A La Familia’s new film, Before God: We Are All Family at this year’s conference.  This “little documentary that could” chronicles five Latin@ families negotiating the intersection of faith and familia on their journeys towards reconciliation and redemption.  

When writing about her experience at the conference, Lisbeth noted that while the new documentary depicts Latin@ family narratives.

“At the end of the day it mirrored the many stories I have been blessed to hear from PFLAG parents, families and friends for years," said Rivera. "PFLAG families are proud of their journeys, fierce in their advocacy for their loved ones and tireless in demonstrating their love! Some might even say over the top with joy!”

She added, “In many ways our documentary shows that the kind of love we feel for our children, family members and friends transcends ethnicities and languages. It affirms that which we already knew: Before God, we are ALL family!”

Thank you, PFLAG, for your bravery, your heart and your commitment to making life better for LGBT youth and their families.

 Congratulations on a successful and impactful conference.  We are proud to be your partners in the struggle for justice.

PFLAG national conference, HRCF

A La Familia National Coordinator Lisbeth Melendez Rivera, Evangelical Network's Ed Ness, and HRC Religion and Faith Program Director Sharon Groves

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