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Post submitted by Alison Gill, HRC Senior Legislative Counsel.

Florida State Representative David Richardson (Miami) visited HRC's office today to discuss working together to support a bill to protect Florida's youth from dangerous conversion therapy.

Rep. Richardson had introduced a similar bill (SB 221) last year, and he consulted with HRC Senior Legislative Counsel Alison Gill regarding how to strengthen youth protections.

As an openly gay state lawmaker, Rep. Richardson is also building legislative support for the statewide non-discrimination act -- the Competitive Workforce Act. 

We're excited to be working with Rep. Richardson to advocate for this important legislation.

There is significant anecdotal evidence of harm to LGBT people, particularly youth,  resulting from conversion or "reparative" therapy. Based on this body of evidence, every major medical and mental health organization in the United States has issued a statement condemning the use of conversion therapy.

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