Post submitted by Justin Lemley, HRC Regional Field Organizer

Utah Get Out the CaucusIt's “Get Out the Caucus” weekend in Utah. 

All week we are training supporters of LGBT people to run and win as delegates in their local communities.

I have been on the ground working side by side with Equality Utah for the past two months working to make Utah a safer place for everyone, including LGBT people. By helping people become involved in the political process as delegates and people who attend their neighborhood caucus, our supporters are able to strengthen their voices in choosing pro-equality candidates to be on the ballot this election season!

One of my favorite conversations when we first started going door-to-door was with an LDS parent who wants to make sure his gay brother is treated fairly in housing and in the workplace.

He knew what the right thing was, but was nervous about getting involved in the political process. After chatting about how much of a difference he could make for his brother and his community he decided that he would run to be a delegate in his neighborhood with the help of a friend up the street.

This week, we are helping folks like him ask their neighbors to attend their local caucuses to support and vote for them.

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