virginia volunteer terry mcauliffe campaign

Post submitted by Taylor Boyer, a volunteer in Virginia. Taylor is a freshman at CNU, who came to the Terry McAuliffee campaign from the Young Democrats Club. She began her internship with the campaign with no background in electoral work, but under the guidance of Asif Bhavnagri has developed experience and interested in the field

I found my way to Terry McAuliffe’s campaign through my university’s Young Democrats club. This was to be my first experience working on an election, which was exciting but unknown. Shortly after I went to the campaign office in Newport News, I met Asif Bhavnagri, the HRC field organizer in the area, who introduced me to everything he does as a field organizer for HRC and the campaign.

After a bit of first timer’s apprehension, I quickly became comfortable with and invigorated by meeting and talking with Virginians of all backgrounds about their thoughts on this important election. This is the first time HRC has endorsed a full ticket of candidates – Terry McAuliffe for Governor, Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor, and Mark Herring for Attorney General – so this could be a decisive step toward equality in the state. Canvassing --something I never thought I could do before this experience -- was an exciting opportunity to share this with voters.

Now that we are in the home stretch, I look back on my time working with Asif and the other organizers and volunteers at the Newport News campaign base as one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I have met so many passionate individuals dedicated to the campaign during my time here, sacrificing time from their personal lives working to get candidates elected to office who support equality for all Virginians. I find myself spending as much time in the office as possible these last few days; there is still a lot of work to be done to make sure voters get out and vote for the ticket, but the goal is in sight. 

virginia volunteers terry mcauliffe campaign

virginia volunteers terry mcauliffe campaign


Paid for by Human Rights Campaign PAC. Authorized by Terry McAuliffe, candidate for Governor; Ralph Northam, candidate for Lieutenant Governor; Mark Herring, candidate for Attorney General; and the Democratic Party of Virginia.

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