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On last night’s episode of I am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner had a special gift for Blossom Brown, who is an HRC volunteer and spokesperson. At HRC’s action center and store in San Francisco, Brown shared her struggle getting into nursing school.

"I wanted to be in nursing school so, so bad," Blossom, a student at Mississippi University for Women, says in this exclusive clip from Sunday's show. "I had a good GPA, I had a good ACT score, and the first time I didn't get in. OK, so let me work a little harder. I took some classes, applied again, still nothing. And I couldn't get in to nursing school for like the sixth time because I'm trans. People were looking at that, and you need to be looking at my hard work and dedication that I put into that hard work." 

With tears in her eyes, Jenner laid out her plan for Brown. “We’re going to get her on the Ellen DeGeneres show,” Jenner said. “She’s going to go to nursing school. And we’re going to pay for it.” 

Brown was quick to respond last night, tweeting, “I never expected this omg! Thank you Caitlyn! Omg! #IAmCait”

Brown, originally from Mississippi, joined HRC’s All God’s Children campaign last year. The campaign aimed at strengthening the foundation of public support for LGBT Mississippians and aid in the passage of pro-equality legislation.

She is believed to be the first transgender woman from the Magnolia State to be highlighted in a public education campaign.  She also spoke at HRC’s National Dinner in 2014.

Prior to joining All God’s Children, Brown was an active participant and volunteer for HRC’s Project One America, an initiative geared towards advancing social, institutional and legal equality in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas.

Watch the clip here and learn more about Brown and the All God’s Children campaign here.

Click here to hear more from Jenner and Brown.

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