HRC at Citi Corporate Leadership ForumAfter just returning from Charlotte, NC, the Workplace Project team set off again, this time to the Big Apple. In our latest stop on our country-wide tour to spread the word on LGBT equality in the workplace, we were delighted to present at the Citi Corporate Leadership Forum.
Wednesday’s forum featured a two-part seminar devoted to personal and professional development through the inclusion of LGBT employees. Speeches by representatives from Citi and HRC touched on the importance of deconstructing harmful LGBT stereotypes in the workplace, while identifying ways to foster an environment more inclusive of diversity.
HRC at Citi Corporate Leadership ForumHRC’s Legal Director Brian Moulton also spoke on the state of LGBT America, discussing the implications of recent legislative events – including the pending Supreme Court decision – for the LGBT community.
We were tremendously proud to join forces with such a steadfast supporter of equality at this event. Citi, a longtime ally and supporter of HRC, has the distinction of being named one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality since 2004, just two years after the Corporate Equality Index began.  As a whole, they provide a shining example of a company wholeheartedly committed to equality.
The evening was a great success. As always, partnering with our friends at Citi proved fruitful in deepening our ongoing dialogue about extending full LGBT equality into the workplace.

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