HRC, Pitchfork Music FestivalPost submitted by Bryce Romero, Consumer Marketing Coordinator

Over the weekend, HRC was on-hand at the internationally recognized Pitchfork Music Festival as part our public engagement campaign, Equality Rocks.
Equality Rocks features prominent musicians and artists who support the rights of loving, committed same-sex couples to marry and connects fair-minded Americans with music from those who support LGBT equality.
HRC volunteers and staff gathered signatures in support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act from some of the 50,000 attendees from across the globe who converged on Chicago's Union Park to hear over 40 artists and musicians, including Equality Rocker Dev Hynes.
Among the festival goers was an Iowa mother seeking answers on how to provide a safe, welcoming space for her 13-year-old struggling with gender identity issues and an openly lesbian college student fired from her first job because of her sexual orientation. Each conversation reminds us that despite this year’s historic marriage equality victories, there is still much to do in the fight for full LGBT equality.
Stay tuned for more artists and musicians to join HRC’s Equality Rocks campaign.

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