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Earlier today, HRC President Chad Griffin spoke with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell about the need for comprehensive legislation for full federal equality for LGBT Americans. 

“While marriage equality was a massive and monumental victory, this fact remains true today,” Griffin explained. “In the majority of states in the country today, a couple who gets married at 10 a.m., risks being fired from their jobs by noon, or evicted from their homes by two, simply for posting that wedding photo on Facebook.”

Currently, 31 states lack clear, fully inclusive non-discrimination protections for LGBT people.

Griffin continued, “Its time we bring the explicit and comprehensive non-discrimination protections to all LGBT people in this country, regardless of where one lives.” 

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed News reported that comprehensive federal LGBT non-discrimination legislation would be introduced in Congress later this week.

Watch the interview in full below and learn more about the potential of comprehensive federal LGBT non-discrimination legislation here.

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