This Monday HRC president Chad griffin will return to his home state of Arkansas for a series of events in Little Rock.

Early in the day, Griffin will join former State Rep. Kathy Webb for a discussion of the new equality landscape and the work that lies ahead to ensure every LGBT American enjoys equal protection under the law. Later, Griffin will visit the Arkansas Arts Center for an LGBT and ally community reception.

Little Rock is the first stop in a week-long tour of the South to draw attention to the fact that there are two Americas when it comes to LGBT equality.

In one America, full legal equality gets nearer every day. But in the other America, even some of the most basic protections of the law are still non-existent.

From Arkansas, to North Carolina, to Virginia, to Mississippi, HRC will crisscross the region to help support the advocates who have been fighting for equality in these states for years. We’ll help lay the groundwork necessary to achieve new victories. And we’ll shine a light on the fact that delays or setbacks for civil rights in any capacity—from LGBT equality to voting rights—hurts civil rights everywhere.

HRC will continue to fight for equality – everywhere, for everyone.

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