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Post submitted by Samantha Master, former HRC Youth & Campus Engagement Manager

This weekend marked the National Black Justice Coalition’s (NBJC) fourth annual Out on the Hill Black LGBT Leadership Summit. As an NBJC Emerging Leader, Out on the Hill presents a unique opportunity for me to fellowship with other black LGBT people in ways the honor and celebrate the unique experience of being black and LGBT. Most profoundly, Out on the Hill allows me the space to claim and own my power as a Black lesbiqueer woman, and invites me to share that power with my peers.

During a panel entitled “The State of the Black LGBT Community,” HRC’s Director of Faith Engagement and Community Mobilization MacArthur Flournoy and Associate Director of Field Outreach Donna Payne gave reflective insight on the trajectory of LGBT politics, and how they have been so effective in mobilizing LGBT communities of color.

Attendees participated in a Black LGBT Leaders Day at the White House, heard from a number of engaging panelists and experienced the revolutionary power of activist art as The New Black and The Engagement: A Snatch of Life in Three Acts were shown.

This year, as in years past, I walked away from Out on the Hill with a profound sense of pride in myself and my community and a charge to be an “angelic troublemaker” for justice.

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