Post submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

I landed in Kansas City yesterday evening and am excited to support local efforts to defeat HB 2453, which would allow both private business and government workers to discriminate against same-sex couples.

As the Kansas House of Representatives took up and passed this "license to discriminate" bill by a margin of 72-49, there was an outcry from fair-minded Kansans. T he ACLU of Kansas and Equality Kansas have led the charge to block the bill.  Their efforts have been bolstered by editorial boards around the state and by major Kansas employers.  Just this week, Sprint joined AT&T and Kansas City Power & Light in  oppos ing the bill, saying, "We oppose legislation which would discriminate against people based on their race, color, religion, creed, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability."

After hearing from voters and business leaders, both the Senate President and the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee have announced that the bill will not move forward in the Kansas Senate in its current form.   Until the Legislature adjourns in June, however, there remains the possibility that this discriminatory bill could be amended or reconsidered.

In addition to contacting their state senators and representatives directly, Kansans should plan to join the Equality Day of Action at the state capitol on Tuesday, February 25th.

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