CapitolPost submitted by Gilbert Whitaker, a volunteer with HRC's San Diego Steering Committee.

Joel Trambley, the co-chair of HRC’s San Diego Steering Committee, is no stranger to HRC’s spring lobby day, which is an opportunity to meet with members of Congress and advocate for issues that are important to the LGBT community.

But he had an amazing new experience when went to the office of his local representative.

“The last time I visited room 2410 in the Rayburn House office building with an HRC folder I got a forced smile from a staffer and a polite but quick dismissal from the office,” Trambley wrote in the San Diego LGBT Weekly. “This year, I was given a warm smile from a staffer that turned quizzical when a friend ran out of a back room to greet me. That’s just a small taste of the huge upgrade LGBT San Diegans got by electing Rep. Scott Peters to replace Brian Bilbray.”

Lobby day coincided with the passage of the Violence Against Women Act, and when Trambley had an opportunity to meet his representative, he couldn’t believe that Rep. Peters was so focused on thanking the HRC volunteers for visiting and for the work they do.

“No, Congressman Peters, thank you, for co-sponsoring an LGBT inclusive renewal of the Violence Against Women Act,” Trambley wrote.

Read more about Trambley’s lobby day experience.

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