Post submited by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

HRC President Chad Griffin is joining the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in urging lawmakers not to attend the Family Research Council’s annual “Values Voter Summit” in Washington, DC later this week. Some of the figures slated to attend the conference include Rep. Michele Bachmann, NOM President Brian Brown, political commentator Ben Carson, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Sen. Rand Paul, former GOP Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, and Rick Santorum.

Many of those speakers have made a name for themselves speaking out against LGBT Americans and our families. At this year’s summit, FRC President Tony Perkins will be joining forces with NOM’s Brian Brown on a panel entitled “The Future of Marriage.”

The Values Voter Summit has a history of open hostility to LGBT Americans – last year, both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney spoke out against marriage equality at the event. Two years ago, House Speaker John Boehner vowed to continue pouring taxpayer dollars into the now-defunct Defense of Marriage Act, while Perkins declared “we need a conservative who will undo the economic, moral and social destruction this administration has done unto America.

Perkins, of course, speaks out often against LGBT people: he authored the marriage section of the GOP’s 2012 party platform, has dramatically proclaimed that marriage equality will soon lead to a “revolution” that will “explode and just break this nation apart,” and even supported Ugandan legislation that would subject some LGBT people to prison.

View the full letter Chad signed from the SPLC to attending lawmakers. In addition to HRC and SPLC, other organizations signing on to the letter include the NAACP, National Council of La Raza, GLAAD, People for the Americans Way Foundation and Faithful America.

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