Check out our roundup of some of the week's top news clips featuring HRC and HRC President Chad Griffin.

After Rulings, Same-Sex Couples Grapple With Diverging State Laws
New York Times

Pleased by court rulings, backers of gay marriage now gird for fight to extend it nationwide
Washington Post

Both Sides on Same-Sex Marriage Issue Focus on the Next State Battlegrounds
New York Times

Supreme Court’s DOMA decision: What’s next
Washington Post

Gay rights advocates and critics respond to the Supreme Court
Washington Post

After historic court rulings, what's next for gay rights movement?

Obama on Winning Side After Gay-Marriage Shift
Wall Street Journal

Holder: Justice will move 'expeditiously' on DOMA

Across nation, gays celebrate court rulings
USA Today

Gay rights groups' new goal: Nationwide victory in five years
Los Angeles Times

Watch: Supreme Court Rules on Proposition 8

Watch: Prop 8 Victory Rally in West Hollywood

Watch: HRC President Chad Griffin on “The Last Word”

Watch: Chad Griffin Highlights the Emergence of Two Americas for LGBT Community

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