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Last night, HRC hosted a screening of Bridegroom, a powerful documentary that tells the emotional journey of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom, two young men in a loving and committed relationship that was cut tragically short by a misstep off the side of a roof.

The standing-room only audience viewed the emotional journey of Shane and Tom, which details the events that occurred after Tom’s tragic death and highlights the importance of acceptance, understanding, support and love needed from families of those in same-sex relationships.

The screening was followed by a reception with the film’s producer, Shane Bitney Crone who was on-hand to answer questions from the audience about he and Tom’s relationship, his experience that led to the documentary and his life now. 

Shane’s experience reminded us of the importance of healthcare protections for same-sex couples all across America. In the film, Shane and his friends share their hospital experience during Tom’s final moments. Shane was told he couldn’t visit Tom and was denied visitation because he was not considered family. It wasn’t until after Tom’s death and repeated attempts by friends advocating for Shane that the nurses finally granted him access.  

It is because of experiences like this that HRC works to ensure LGBT equality in all aspects of life, including in healthcare facilities.  HRC’s Health and Aging Program is working hard to ensure that LGBT people receive optimal treatment in healthcare facilities in times of vulnerability when respect and sensitivity are crucial. The Healthcare Equality Index evaluates and provides resources to healthcare facilities to ensure that LGBT patients and their families are welcomed and provided with care free of discrimination. HRC also provides resources to the LGBT community on how to protect visitation and decision-making rights.

HRC is honored to have hosted Shane and help spread his story of love, loss and perseverance. 



bridegroom screening HRC shane bitney crone

Standing room only audience listens to producer Shane Bitney Crone.

bridegroom screening hrc shane bitney crone

Film producer Shane Bitney Crone answers questions at the screening.

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