This year, the HRC Foundation will expand its work to focus on LGBTQ-inclusive sex education.

In partnership with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the HRC Foundation will work with other advocates and educators to help make sex education more relevant to and inclusive of youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.  

The HRC Foundation’s Children, Youth and Families Program Director Ellen Kahn spoke to The Boston Globe about this much needed effort.

“There is so much difference of opinion in this country about what kids should learn about sexuality that the default position of a lot of schools is just to do the bare minimum to not invite controversy. By doing that we are missing the mark,” Kahn said.

Every year, 50,000 Americans are infected with HIV, and youth and young adults ages 13 to 29 comprise one-third of those infections. HRC Youth Ambassador Thomas Davis spoke to The Boston Globe about contracting HIV at age 20.

“It’s not right for people to limit the knowledge that students can receive,” Davis said. “When I’m not given information, I’m forced to learn on a trial and error basis, and there are some errors that you really can’t fix.”

HRC will continue to push for LGBTQ inclusive sex education within our communities as well as in state and federal policy.

Learn more about HRC’s All Children – All Families project here.

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