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Family has a mixed definition for many of us within the LGBT community. We often identify biologically with one family, but then find a sense of family outside of those biological constraints. At PROMO, I have felt honored to work with such a family. We are bound by honor, duty and faith. It is a faith in equality that keeps us bound together; a duty to the mission of equality and an honor to hold the work of our colleagues in the highest regard.

This week .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) while trying to extend protections in Springfield. 

So far our efforts to win those protections have included support from major firms and corporations around the state. Check out where major support from groups like Monsanto and Thompson Coburn were just secured in the last few days. The business community has been out in front on this issue and it is well past time for Missouri to take the next step. Check out the website and see if your company is on the list! If not, let’s get them added.

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