All Children—All Families; LGBT equality

It’s always an honor to present our All Children—All Families “Seal of Recognition” to the agency staff members who work so hard to achieve the benchmarks of LGBT cultural competence.

Earlier this week, I visited the highly regarded Spence-Chapin Adoption Services, which was established in 1908.

Executive Director Emily Forhman invited me to their Manhattan office and gathered the staff together to celebrate this big moment—and what a lovely celebration it was.

Several staff members, from the Executive Director to the Development Director to members of Client Services, shared their experiences of working with HRC’s All Children—All Families team. 

They had just completed the All Children—All Families training and were full of great stories about what they learned, how important it was to explore new and emerging issues in LGBT adoption, and the skill level of our certified trainers.  

One of the agency’s adoptive parents, a lesbian mom, shared her story about how supported she felt at Spence-Chapin, how the agency advocated for her and valued her and her partner as prospective parents. 

The main point I heard throughout the evening is the one I’ve heard from most of our ACAF agencies: Spence-Chapin was doing good work with the LGBT community and considered themselves “welcoming,” but they had never stopped to take the pulse of the agency and formalize their LGBT policies and practices.

That’s precisely what the All Children—All Families Project aims to do. 

We appreciate Spence-Chapin’s dedication and commitment to this process, to formalizing their work with the LGBT community and for their stellar leadership as an adoption agency.  They are now among the 46 agency leaders that have earned their ACAF seal and continue to open doors for LGBT adoptive parents.

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