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An overwhelmingly offensive and categorically false anti-LGBT propaganda video outlining the foundation of Russia’s anti-LGBT movement has gone viral. 

The video is dominated by fear mongering, calling LGBT individuals everything from sick and pedophilic to predatory and abnormal.

To support its vitriolic drumbeat in the four minute propaganda video,  “Healthy Young Generation- Healthy Russia" - which is credited in the video - cites lies from the widely debunked Regnerus parenting study. (Even Mark Regnerus has spoken out about Russian lawmakers’ misuse of his "study.")

We will not sit quietly as the Russian Government charts a path that puts LGBT Russians in harm’s way.  HRC will harness the energy of our members and supporters, and all fair-minded Americans, to bring justice to Russia’s LGBT community. Learn more about HRC’s work to uncover Russia’s anti-LGBT agenda at

Watch the video and read the transcript below:

They don’t tell you gay people die 20-30 years before normal people. They actively spread propaganda to promote their way of life recruiting naïve young teenagers to be gay. They don’t tell you about the loneliness of old gay people. No one needs an old gay person. They talk about freedom, but they deprive our children of the freedom of choice, making perversion equal to the norm.


Toleration, freedom – how we were they taught these words, but where are the boundaries of freedom? We are told that parents can be a same-sex couple; if people prefer to make love with people of the same sex, why should they not be allowed to raise children, they are people after all and children do not care. 

But what do the specialists say?  Mark Regnerus, professor at Texas University, began his study in 2010. His findings were that one fourth of children being raised by same-sex parents showed a tendency toward suicide and had contracted venereal diseases. And sixty percent of children struggle with their sexual identity. Moreover, one in three children being raised by same-sex couples were needed by their adopted parents for sex.

So this why, gays especially, are happy for children to be adopted by gays. They need children to satisfy their sexual desire.

Here are the statistics: 50 percent of pedophiles are gay. In the U.S. there is a society of “boy lovers” who are campaigning for the legalization of pedophilia. In the US, like in the rest of the world, 3% of the population is gay but they commit 30% of the crimes against children.

According to leading scientists, changes in the cerebral cortex which define sexual orientation can be treated more easily than alcoholism.

But they don’t want to be treated. They lie that their “disorder” is congenital. They lie that they are normal. Think about it, you thought that there are lots of them, but it’s because their presence is very prominent in the media and among celebrities and their influence is very great. They say that their rights are being violated. But here is a list of publications from last month, which contain gay propaganda. The magazine “Bolshoi Gorod” (Big City) announced it was having a “gay week,” the magazine “Afisha” even had the gay glad on the front page. Thirty gay people in Moscow say how important, cool and fashionable it is to be gay. The magazine “The New Times” provoked people by calling perverted relationships between two men “love.”

Here are some more figures: 50% of HIV infected people are gay, the likelihood of contracting HIV from a gay person is 4500 times higher than from a normal person.

Before you start singing along about tolerance being the trend for the new world, think, do you want your son to be influenced by them? Do you want our world to become so civilized that we stop breeding? Homosexuality idolizes deprived sexual desires, making them the meaning of life.

What has been given to us by nature to reproduce is now used only to stimulate perverted fantasies. Do you think these values will become the crowning glory for our civilization? Think before it’s too late - homosexuality is not normal – it is abnormal.

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