HRC Regional Field Director Hope Wisneski has been hard at work in Billings, Montana, to help the city pass a non-discrimination ordinance. 

According to Billings Gazette, Wisneski said at a community event on Tuesday, "People need to bring their whole selves to work. [Employees] are more productive and more loyal." 

In June, the City Council voted to advance the ordinance. HRC helped turn out community members and testify in support. The City Council also thanked HRC for its testimony, which included citing data from the Municipal Equality Index and Corporate Equality Index. Wisneski has remained a vital part of the work. 

"Billings is moving more quickly than you might think," she explained to Billings Gazette. "It will come to pass."

Several other Montana cities have passed non-discrimination ordinances over the past four years, starting with Missoula in 2010, and most recently in Bozeman.

The non-discrimination ordinance will possibly be up for a vote as soon as August 11. 

Learn more about HRC's local work in Montana and across the country here.

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