Indiana House Today, with  a vote of 32 to 17, the Indiana Senate voted to pass HJR-3 as amended by the House in late January. This means there will not be a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and on woman on the ballot in 2014.

While our preference would have been to defeat the amendment outright, it's a victory nonetheless to eliminate the deeply flawed and harmful second sentence and to make sure it will not be on the ballot this year. This outcome is testament to the tens of thousands of Hoosiers who shared their stories, their time and their resources to make sure lawmakers clearly heard the message that HJR-3 is bad for Indiana.

Since late summer, Freedom Indiana has waged one of the most impressive campaigns the nation has ever seen. When this fight started, it was hard to believe that we wouldn’t be going to the ballot in November 2014. But with strong bipartisan support, incredibly talented field and faith organizers on the ground across the state, and passionate leadership, this campaign made it happen. HRC is proud to be part of Freedom Indiana’s work.

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