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A transgender student of Red Lion High School in York, Penn. was denied the opportunity to run for Prom King after school administrators switch his ballot.

According to Issak Wolfe, his candidacy was changed to prom queen after School Principal Mark Shue decided he was uncomfortable putting Issak on the boys’ side of the list.

Red Lion Area School District Superintendent Scott Deisley declined to comment in a written statement, claiming it would be in the best interests of the Red Lion students to “respect our privacy.” 

Wolfe’s family has been supportive of both Issak’s transition and his run for Prom Royalty.

Voting for Saturday's Prom king and queen is now closed. Wolfe told York Dispatch that he would like at least an apology from the school.

"I wasn't given a fair opportunity,” he said “I mean, if I don't win, I don't win ... but I'm not a queen.”

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