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Her HRC season is here again.  Designed to celebrate and engage women in our movement, the first three of our 26 planned events were held this past weekend, and each was a huge success. 

We held a Battle of the Bands in Kansas City, a bachelorette auction in Dallas, and a “prohibition” themed soirée in Austin. 

HRC has 1.5 million members and supporters, and each of our estimated 6,000 attendees become a member of the organization by attending these events. 

Despite our 2012 successes at the ballot box with majorities supporting marriage equality in Maryland, Washington and Maine (along with a failed anti-marriage amendment in Minnesota), each new member in our fight is vital in the continuing fight for LGBT equality. 

According to Gallup, 3.4 percent of the American population identifies at LGBT.  With the American population estimated at just over 310 million, imagine if each LGBT person in the US (approximately 10 million ) and ally were to join forces with us as a member what we would be able to achieve.

A particularly notable example of growth in engagement and membership build has been our February event in Washington, D.C.  Taking their DJ battle-themed event from past years, this go-round they are taking it up a notch and taking it national. DJs from D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston will entertain and compete for votes as they spin for the crowd.

When asked how she’s been able grow the event (now over 800 women attend annually), local Membership Outreach co-chair Megan McKellar cites the relationships the committee has been able to build and develop in the area. She’s also worked with community partners in a way that makes everyone feel welcome at the event. 

By working together, women within every facet of HRC can work together to increase their power in our shared cause and movement.         

Thanks to our program national presenting sponsor Wells Fargo. 

For more information and the latest on a Her HRC event near you, please visit

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