Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

With 102 positions in Congress and 4.2 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions currently being held by women the needle for equality is moving, but it’s not enough.

Women make up the majority of the American population; yet we remain egregiously underrepresented in Corporate America and American politics, and earn 77 percent less than that of our male colleagues.

HRC’s commitment to women’s rights and representation birthed our Her HRC Program, which gathers together women to both celebrate and build a greater sense of community while learning about the importance of engaging in the LGBT civil rights movement.

“My hope is the ‘there can only be one diverse person at the top of an organization’ mentality ends with my generation and I plan to be a part of stamping out that zero-sum-game mentality,” said Renee Brown, Wells Fargo director of social media.  “It is my experience that women and people with diverse backgrounds offer a level of empathy that builds better solutions for our end customers and communities.”

This year, Wells Fargo, a female-majority organization, served as presenting sponsors of Her HRC as part of their continued commitment to gender and LGBT equality.

“By continually seeking diverse viewpoints, we can be accepting of differences and lift up the ways events like Her HRC help us better understand our customers and serve all their financial needs,” said Brown.

HRC was proud to host over 5,000 women at 25 events across the country this year and we look toward an even bigger, more inclusive program next year.

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