This post comes from Jose Garcia, a field organizer with Americans for Workplace Opportunity on the ground in the state of Nevada.
ENDA field organizers nevadaCurrently, lesbian and gay Americans can be fired simply for being who they are in 29 states. The same is true for transgender folks in 33 states. We’re on the ground in Nevada talking to supporters about the need for these protections for ALL Americans.
On campus at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, we’re talking with students and teachers and working with Spectrum, the LGBTQA student organization, helping folks contact their senator. So far, over 30 students have written letters about ENDA and the need for these protections.
Out in the community, we’re attending local events and holding phone banks. On one successful night, volunteers from HRC and other community organizations had many great conversations with constituents, and over 50 people were excited to make a difference by contacting Senator Heller, urging him to support ENDA.
This week was proof that Nevadans cares about the rights of ALL Americans. Every American should have the right to be judged on their qualifications and merits, not because of who they love.
To get involved, visit, and check back with our team here in Nevada to learn about other ways to get involved with the campaign. If you’re in Nevada, you can call our toll free number at (866)-439-8155 where you’ll find a quick and easy way to let Senator Heller know that you support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

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