Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

On October 29, schools across the country will celebrate the 13th Annual Mix It Up at Lunch event by encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone and sit with someone new for just one day.
LGBT youth in particular feel ostracized and harassed at school, according to HRC's groundbreaking youth survey. Twenty-six percent of LGBT youth say their biggest problems are not feeling accepted by their family, trouble at school and bullying, and a fear to be out and open. In addition, LGBT youth are twice as likely as their peers to say they have been physically assaulted, kicked of shoved at school.

According to Southern Poverty Law Center surveys, young people perceive the cafeteria as the place with the most clearly drawn divisions among students. Mix It Up aims to help fight these biases and misperceptions by encouraging students to connect with someone new.

To learn more about how to host a Mix It Up event at your school, visit .

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