Post submitted by Beth Sherouse, former ACLS Public Fellow, HRC Senior Content Manager

The HRC Foundation is proud to partner with the Tyler Clementi foundation in support of their new anti-bullying campaign, #Day 1. The campaign encourages individuals to take leadership when it comes to addressing bullying, and to stop it as soon as or even before it starts.

As the website explains:

“The #Day1 Campaign is an effective, immediate and free way to reduce bullying, harassment and humiliation. It requires four main elements: 1) A person in authority, 2) clearly saying what behavior is expected and what behavior is not tolerated, 3) early in the tenure of new students/employees/athletes, and 4) receiving a verbal confirmation from the audience that they understand. Day 1 focuses schools, universities, workplaces, athletic programs, and other group environments on a targeted intervention during orientation. Day 1 clearly states that some forms of ‘socially acceptable’ teasing or cruelty are unacceptable!”

The Tyler Clementi Foundation, which was founded in 2010 after Rutgers student Tyler Clementi died by suicide after severe cyberbullying, is working to address the harmful and often tragic effects that bullying has on youth. HRC’s 2012 LGBT youth survey found that when compared to their non-LGBT peers, LGBT youth were more than twice as likely to report verbal harassment and twice as likely to report physical assault at school.

Please join the HRC Foundation and the Tyler Clementi Foundation in pledging to stop bullying from #Day1.

For more information on the HRC Foundation’s anti-bullying work in schools, visit

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