Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

While on a trip to Las Vegas in 2011, Susan Ho, who is a lesbian, was allegedly surrounded by a group of Boyd Gaming Corps employees and accused Ho of being a man attempting to spy on women in the restroom.

Ho is now suing Boyd Gaming for punitive damages alleging violation of state law, assault, false imprisonment and negligence.

According to the complaint filed in the Clark County District Court, Ho was in a casino restroom when a woman questioned her gender. Ho clarified that she was a woman. Five to six casino employees were blocking people from the door and confronted Ho as she left the restroom.   

Ho said in the complaint that she again clarified her gender and offered to show her identification card as the employees smirked at her. According to Ho’s attorney Robert Flummerfelt, there was even talk of having Ho remove her shirt to prove her gender.

No individual should be made to endure such public derision, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

According to HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, nearly 84 percent of Fortune 500 companies cover gender identity in its nondiscrimination policies. LGBT-inclusive workplace culture and practices are the new gold standard for corporate America.

However, most people take reasonable access to restroom facilities for granted.
Employers and customers should grant unrestricted restroom access and use according to their full-time gender presentation.

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