hawaii state representative mark takaiPost submitted by Adrian Matanza, Former HRC Regional Field Director

Last week, Hawaii State Representative Mark Takai stated that he will support marriage equality legislation when it is introduced in the special legislative session on October 28th. You may recall, Rep. Takai voted against civil unions in 2011. In a statement to the Hawaii Reporter, Rep. Takai said, "I have wrestled with my thoughts, my values, my faith and what I believe to be the best way forward. The world has changed – and so have I."
Rep. Takai joins the majority of Hawaii residents, the entire U.S. Senate and congressional delegation, and hundreds of businesses and clergy members that support marriage equality.
With the session less than two weeks away, now is your best chance to get involved. Join Hawaii United Marriage, the coalition working to bring marriage equality to the Aloha State, every day from now until the end of session to make sure Hawaii becomes state number 14. Click here to sign up to volunteer.

HRC is a proud founding member of Hawaii United for Marriage. We are proud to have worked alongside our partners at Equality Hawaii and across the islands for several years, first supporting the campaign for civil unions and continuing our support for marriage equality. HRC has three organizers on the ground, working with Hawaii United for Marriage and other coalition partners to finally bring marriage equality to the Hawaiian islands.

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