Last week, after a two year study of the D.C. police department’s handling of LGBT-related hate crimes, Police Chief Cathy Lanier announced the findings of the review. The study was conducted by the Hate Crimes Assessment Task Force, which included HRC’s state legislative director, Sarah Warbelow, and members of the Anti-Defamation League, National Center for Transgender Equality and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

The Task Force laid out six recommendations for improvement, to which Lanier agreed, including the increase in awareness of the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (GLLU) within the Metropolitan Police Department and a review of the GLLU Structure.

In a statement released with the results of the report, Lanier said that the Task Force’s report points out that there is much work left to be done to improve the department’s treatment of LGBT cases and that the department has “fallen short fallen short in our goal to foster strong relationships with our great and diverse communities that enable us to jointly combat the scourge of crimes motivated by hate or bias.” However, Lanier also said that she supports the recommendations of the Task Force and will work with the department to implement them.

To read the full report of the Hate Crimes Assessment Task Force or the statement made by Chief Lanier, you can do so here.

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