Father's DayThe ubiquitous card company Hallmark is offering same-dad Father’s Day e-cards for the first time.

The five different e-cards were designed by Kylie Wu, a transgender artist. There is one gif celebrating two dads and the other four cards are titled, “Lover is Wherever.”

Earlier this year Hallmark released two new cards for Mother’s Day. One read '”for two moms” and the other states "for my partner." In February Hallmark also released Valentine’s Day cards for same-sex couples.  

Hallmark received a 90 percent ranking this year on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index and is one of many businesses that have had a special message for same-sex couples on Father’s Day. LGBT-inclusive companies, like many ranked in HRC's Corporate Equality Index, have long portrayed an inclusive message. To learn more about the companies, click here.

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