Post submitted by Ryan Rowe, HRC Senior Regional Field Organizer

Chattanooga Yes CampaignChattanooga’s YES campaign is currently underway to keep the ordinance protecting LGBT city employees from discrimination that was passed by the city council last year. Chattanooga voters will decide the issue on Thursday, August 7, when they go to the polls to cast ballots in what will be a mostly Republican primary election. 

Despite the challenges, Chattanooga advocates are fighting back, and they are not alone. People from all over Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Utah, Washington D.C, Oregon, New York and Rhode Island are pitching in.

The ordinance would provide domestic partnership benefits for city employees and add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city's non-discrimination policies for city employees.  If voters uphold the ordinance, Chattanooga will join Nashville and Memphis as Tennessee cities that protect municipal employees from anti-LGBT discrimination.

Last week, scores of Chattanoogans gathered downtown to march for fairness and equality. A candlelight march organized by the Tennessee Equality Project took this fight into the streets of downtown Chattanooga.   

Saturday wass the end of early vote.  The YES Chattanooga campaign has already been getting out the vote for well over two weeks. The campaign will be working at church services on Sunday all across Chattanooga to educate and mobilize voters.  

Stay tuned for more updates leading into Election Day. 

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