Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

A number of Iowa state GOP officials gathered at an event in Des Moines last night to discuss what needs to be done to make their party more amenable to LGBT equality.

At the event, former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman reminded attendees that embracing marriage equality is akin to embracing one of the core values of conservatism: personal freedom.

How can smaller and less intrusive government not include the right to choose the person that you would like to marry? …How does standing in the way of two adults who love each other not discourage rather than promote family values?

Iowa’s Supreme Court affirmed marriage equality in 2009, in a ruling Mehlman said made the state “a better place to live.”

Other prominent party representatives at the meeting included Dave Kochel, who managed Mitt Romney’s campaign in Iowa; Kathy Potts, an organizer for Rick Perry, and Eric Woolson, who managed Mike Huckabee’s 2008 Iowa caucus campaign.

Kochel acknowledged that it was time for the GOP to do the right thing on marriage equality:

…I think there comes a time for everybody where, particularly for me on this issue, you need “to step to the front of the room.

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