Ambassador Gifford and LisbethToday a photo of U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford and a woman in hospice named Lisbeth went viral after Ambassador Gifford posted the photo to Facebook, according to the Washington Post.

Gifford’s smile caught Lisbeth’s attention in a magazine story she had previously read. A friend of Lisbeth’s then reached out to the ambassador and to her surprise, the ambassador came for a visit this morning.

Ambassador Gifford, an HRC member and supporter, posted to Facebook, “I got a message earlier this week [from a complete stranger] about a woman named Lisbeth who is in hospice care. She had a picture of me on the wall of her room. She told people that my smile made her happy so she cut the photo out of a magazine article. I heard she liked roses so I brought her some from my garden. Lisbeth: your smile and your laugh are better than mine and your strength and courage are an inspiration. So happy to have met you.”

Ambassador Gifford, a former finance official for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, was one of the first openly-LGBT people to serve as a U.S. Ambassador and Denmark is one of 19 countries in the world that have marriage equality. 

Photo via Washington Post

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