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HRC congratulates the producers of God Loves Uganda for being named as a finalist for an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary.  This powerful film details how some American conservatives have worked to bring their anti-gay beliefs and the American culture wars to Uganda.  Leaders like Scott Lively and  Lou Engle have used their distorted view of the Bible to incite a violent breed of homophobia overseas.  

In honor of this achievement for God Loves Uganda, here’s an update on what the movie’s “stars” are up to now:

Scott LivelyScott Lively’s 2009 trip to Uganda to advocate for a bill that would punish LGBT people with the death penalty featured heavily in God Loves Uganda. Lively himself has said that his visit to Uganda was “like a nuclear bomb”  in terms of galvanizing the anti-gay movement there. 

Lively has most recently been seen taking credit for the passage of anti-gay laws in Russia and claiming that violence against LGBT people is the result of malice from “butch homosexuals.”  Lively is currently standing trial in the US for crimes against humanity for his role in engineering the Uganadan “kill the gays” bill that could result in the death penalty for LGBT people. 

Lou EngleLou Engle, the head of the International House of Prayer is another “star” of God Loves Uganda.  In 2010, Engle held a rally for over 1,000 people in Kampala where he praised the Uganda’s “courage” and “righteousness” in proposing the anti-gay legislation.  Engle called Uganda “ground zero” for his campaign to preach homophobia around the world. 

Back in the US, in the past few years, Engle has been seen participating in efforts to elect extreme right wing politicians, dreaming up a scheme where 100,000 ex-gay preachers will help cure AIDS and even encouraging his followers to watch The Avengers so they will learn how to fight demons, all while continuing to send waves of missionaries to Uganda to carry his message of intolerance. 

These exporters of hate are working overtime to bring their intolerant views to countries around the world, but you can help fight back by supporting films like God Loves Uganda.  Visit to find a screening near you.   

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