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Out 2 Enroll; Out2Enroll; Health InsuranceThis holiday season, Out2Enroll wants you to get enrolled! If you saw our post last week, you know that health insurance is important -- some call it a necessity -- for being healthy and happy. And you also know that Out2Enroll is your one-stop shop for all things LGBT and health reform.

Why the holidays? Because December -- specifically, December 23 -- is the deadline for enrolling in health insurance to make sure you have coverage on January 1, 2014. You can also sign up next year, through March 31, but we all know there can be holiday mishaps -- so you’ll want to be covered!

Did we mention that financial assistance is available to help you afford health insurance? Depending on your income, you could qualify for low- or no-cost coverage.(In some cases, you can even apply jointly with your same-sex partner.) Plus, the marketplaces and coverage cannot discriminate against LGBT people---you can expect the same access to services that non-LGBT people receive and you can no longer be denied coverage or charged more simply for being yourself.

Ready to get covered? Great! Check out to have all your questions answered, learn where to get help, and connect with to explore your new coverage options today. And we want to hear from you--share your story here, tell your friends about your experience getting covered, and relax this holiday season, knowing you have coverage that fits your needs and budget.

Out2Enroll is here for you this holiday season.

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