san francisco in-store weddingPost submitted by Bryce Romero, HRC Consumer Marketing Coordinator

san francisco in-store weddingOver the weekend, the San Francisco Action Center and Store played host to its first-ever in-store wedding.
While visiting the historic home of Harvey Milk’s "Castro Camera," Lisa Snipes and Joelle Sagehorn shared their wedding dilemma with Senior Associate Colton Windsor. The couple were visiting San Francisco and had planned to get married; however, they lacked the necessary location and licensed officiate. 

san francisco in-store weddingThinking quickly, Colton reached out to fellow store associate Matt Kawakami, a licensed officiate, and plans were made to host the wedding at the “Alter of Harvey Milk” aka inside the HRC ACS. The following day at 11:00 am sharp, the brides arrived in their wedding finery and were promptly wed.

Tossing the bouquet, a single HRC red logo flag, was made even more special when caught by a 6-year-old boy visiting the store with his two moms.
We wish many years of happiness to Lisa and Joelle Snipes-Sagehorn.

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