A day after a judge in Broward County, Florida issued a ruling declaring the state's ban on marriage equality unconstitutional, another judge, this time in Palm Beach County, has issued a similar ruling in a different case.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Diana Lewis today ruled that the state of Florida could not block plaintiff W. Jason Simpson from claiming the estate of his deceased husband. The judge further explained that the state's ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional, although today’s ruling only applies to Mr. Simpson.

Because of the state’s ban on marriage equality, Simpson was recognized as a personal representative of his husband’s estate because their out-of-state marriage is not recognized as valid under Florida law. 

In addition to the Palm Beach and Broward County rulings, judges in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties issued pro-equality rulings last month. The cases are among more than 70 nationwide to argue that bans on marriage equality are unconstitutional.

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