Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Today James Richardson, a former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee and prominent political advisor, came out as gay.

In the op-ed for The Washington Post, Richardson urged politicians to “get out of the way of responsible gay couples wishing to honor one another and their families and communities in lifelong commitment”

Richardson and his partner live in Georgia, where same-sex marriage is banned under a state constitutional amendment.

“My partner and I are envious subscribers to the conventional, conservative family model; yet together, as two men wishing to grow grey and ornery in matching rocking chairs, we are consigned to “cohabitation” as a consequence of law,” wrote Richardson. "Gay couples don’t want to rock the marriage boat — they only want a ticket for two to ride.”

Currently, only 19 states plus the District of Columbia allow loving, committed same-sex couples like Richardson to legally marry.

Read Richardson piece in its entirety here

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