Yesterday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill repealing a 38-year-old ban on adoption by same-sex couples.  

According to a letter from Scott, “The bill also repeals a provision of Florida law that has not been enforced since 2010 because the Third District Court of Appeal ruled Florida’s law prohibiting adoption based on sexual orientation to be unconstitutional. Following the court’s 2010 action, the state’s adoption law requires officials to assess potential adoptive parents according to the best interests of the child, regardless of the parents’ sexual orientation.” 

While the Governor signed this important legislation, he still stands behind discriminatory so-called "religious freedom laws" that would deny equal rights to LGBT people.

HRC, as well as many members of the Florida Legislature, however, will continue to stand against discriminatory legislation. 

“If you’re open to the public, you’re open to the public,” Democratic State Rep. David Richardson, the first openly gay member of the Florida Legislature, told the Orlando Sentinel. “If the lunch counter’s open, it’s open for everyone.”

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