Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Photographer Barbara Proud’s award-winning exhibition, “First Comes Love,” is now on display at the William Way Center in Philadelphia.

Proud began the “First Comes Love” project in March 2009, in an effort to capture the everyday lives of LGBT couples. The resulting exhibition of over 70 couples is not only a celebration of love and devotion, also a testament to the diversity and strength of the LGBT community.  

“The people represented in this project live “ordinary” lives made extraordinary by their endurance of the attitudes and policies that society directs against them, all the while facing the everyday struggles faced by any enduring relationship,” Proud writes on her exhibition website.

“Through tenderness of touch or intimacy of gaze, the deep seeded emotions of these couples are revealed,” said Proud.

For many of HRC’s members and supporters, B. Proud is a household name. The fine art photographer is frequently on-hand at HRC national events to lend her unparalleled talent to capture a moment. 

To preview some of B. Proud's visionary exhibit, visit

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